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A new world of pain HP + Vista

So we took delivery this morning of a shiny new HP 2710p (not for us, but for Matt). Matt couldn’t contain his excitement (or let us deliver it to him at lunch) so came up to the office.  At this point we plugged it in and turned it on.  Time on the clock was 11am.

Now, I don’t know if it was a problem with Vista, the tablet, or what.  HP’s ‘first boot’ setup makes Dell’s look streamlined.  The machine, after deciding which OS to install (64bit or 32bit), created a rescue partition, populated the rescue partition, asked us for some passwords, installed some software.  It rebooted maybe 7 times in all.

It finally booted into a workable Vista desktop at 1.15pm.   2 hours and 15 minutes for a new machine to boot into a useable configuration is apalling.  After 20 minutes we were already joking that we could have installed Ubuntu and configured it AND downloaded enough development tools to keep Matt happy in that time.  We had no idea that it would finally boot in front of us over 2 hours later during lunch.

I feel for any consumer that has to go through this process.  It’s not impressive.  By 3pm Matt was already prepping to wipe it in favour of an XP/Ubuntu dual boot.  Oh the complete install package?  Over 20GB disk was gone by the time it had finished.

Diet update

As my little diet badge has dropped off the front page I thought I’d reinstate it.  Current progress is that I’m 12 stone or just under depending on when I weigh in (woo!) and no longer ‘overweight’ using my BMI as a guide.  About 12 pounds to go I think until I come off the diet :) Steady loss of 1lb/week at the moment which is a daily deficit of 500 cals (3500cals/lb fat!).

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Things I never knew you could do with a Canon point and shoot camera

Did you know you could shoot RAW with your Canon point and click? Extend the available time you can record video for? Script up events and actions? Play games?

Lifehacker to the rescue.

This was promptly bookmarked under ‘Things to do when I’m bored’ – my default bookmarks folder for neat things I want to try :)