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Words of wisdom from Slashdot

And that’s a rare enough concept, but this made me laugh

The suggestion in the discussion was that the best people to run a University email service was the CS dept:

Don’t. The CS department is interested in education and research. They may come up with an innovative solution and write a few papers about it – then abandon it, leaving it with poor documentation, a bad interface, hundreds of bugs, and idiosyncratic and non-standard elements.

IT is not CS. IT is a service.CS is a discipline. Asking the CS department to run the academic IT systems is like asking the English department to run the library. It’s a non-starter.

So what does happen when you talk to a spam bot?

I get occasionally harassed on Yahoo! IM by spam bots.  Normally I don’t bother with them, if I wanted to be more restrictive in my privacy settings I know I could be.  I just close the window and get on with my day.   Today I thought I would have a little chat with one.  I didn’t know they actually spoke back!  They normally just pop up with some gibberish and a URL.  This one took a while to get to the point:

irwin: ncgod   U around
Dan: no
irwin: Hey Dan
Dan: lol
irwin: it’s me Emily¨µëÔè
Dan: i dont know an emily
irwin: I know u probably dont remember me LoL, its been awhile
Dan: no, my memory is just fine
irwin: hey i am finally free this week , we should get together
Dan: i dont think so, i dont know you
irwin: my boyfriend is gone & I’m looking to have some fun  ¶¦ æ•
Dan: well i’m not
irwin: Lets get crazy ¼Ï¤øðhttp://www.h%6f%6f%6b%2d%75%70s-r%2d%75s.c%6f%6d u up for it?
Dan: no
irwin: To remove your ID visit Ú¢ãÕÎ

Wistfully I imagine there is an Eliza style backend to that, but I doubt it :)