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R on Twitter

This came via the “R Project for Statistical Computing” group on LinkedIn, but it definitely seems there is a hashtag for all occasions these days on Twitter.  Today it’s largely been connected with the election fallout in Iran on Twitter, with massive trending topics and a significant segment on the Channel 4 news devoted to it.

Getting back to things of a more academic bent, for those of us interested in R, posting those 140 character frustrations, hints, tips and questions – these can be aggregated with the #rstats hashtag allowing you to search Twitter traffic for statistical topics of interest with ease.

I seem to be spending a lot more time with my head in R these days, my “BioConductor Case Studies” book has just arrived, and the chunk of the day that wasn’t spent cursing a fritzed ext3 partition on an LVM volume, or installing our new monster machine was spent in R, answering questions from my Maths and Stats summer student.

Sense about Science

I don’t know what vexes me more at the moment, the BCA (who I will not deign to link to) suing Simon Singh for libel, or the numpty’s in my beloved country that voted in two BNP MEP’s.

I am however a supporter of the “Sense about Science” campaign.  Any organisation dedicated to fighting crackpots, frauds and pseudoscientists is going to find favour with me.

I do urge everyone to go and sign the ‘Keep Libel Laws out of Science’ petition here. Have a read, have a think. Is this the way we want things to continue?

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