Monthly Archives: August 2010


This week we had some welcome news (by we I mean Simon Cockell, Phil Lord and others). A proposal we had submitted to JISC has been funded. This is the first research funding I have received after significant input in the bid process, as opposed to being included as a co-I for specific bioinformatics expertise. As such it’s a bit of a departure for me, but something I’m very much looking forward to spending time on over the next year.

The elevator pitch goes something like this:

“The project extends existing blogging tools for use as a lightweight, semantically linked publication environment. This enables researchers to create a hub in the linked-data environment, that we call knowledge or k-blogs. K-blogs are convenient and straight-forward for authors to use, integrating into researchers existing work practices and tools. The provide readers with distributed feedback and commenting mechanisms. We will support three communities (microarray, public health and workflow), providing immediate benefit, in addition to the long term benefit of the platform as a whole. Additionally, this will enable a user-centric development approach, while showcasing the platform as the basis for next generation research publishing.”

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’re interested in, Phil has made the full grant application that we submitted available online, on We would of course be interested in any comments or feedback. The proposal includes some technical details of what we hope to achieve, but I think that Ontogenesis has already gone some way to proving the worth of the system. It’s going to be great to provide additional tooling to support the process, and cement some of the inherent social contract with a proper workflow for publishing and review.

The  project starts almost immediately, and will be the place to stay tuned for updates.