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Bioinformatician post at NEBC, CEH Wallingford

This came through on a mailing list from the group I used to work for whilst I was at CEH in Oxford, and I thought it might be of interest:


We are recruiting for a new bioinformatician to join the NEBC group at
CEH Wallingford (  This is an open-ended position
available immediately.  We think this role might be ideally suited to an
ambitious new postdoc with experience of biological data analysis (esp.
high-throughput sequencing, metagenomics) and programming knowledge in
Linux.  If you know of anyone who fits this description please pass this
mail on to them.  The deadline for applications is 3rd April.

The successful candidate will primarily be working on data analysis,
development of new tools and scripts, and developing documentation and
training resources as part of our NBAF-W remit
(  There will also be the opportunity
in time to branch out and become involved in the range of group
activities including involvement in megasequencing projects
(, data standards (, data sharing (,, cloud computing platforms ( and more.

Full information on the role, requirements, how to apply, and links to
further information are all on the CEH website:

Please feel free to contact us directly with any queries related to the
role (  Queries regarding the application process
should be directed to SSC.