Moments of fear

I’ve just had one of those experiences that you can directly relate to playing computer games far too much.  Whilst an hour of Mario Karts is enough to make me see red shells flying if I close my eyes, this experience was a lot more deeply grounded.

I’d just been shopping in Waterstones with a birthday book voucher (thanks Anna! – growing up is such a shame as no-one gives you book tokens anymore!) and was coming back through the RVI to the Medical School.  Linkin Park was on the stereo.  The route I take back through the RVI takes me through a construction area, and one corridor has stop/go lights that flank two giant (30′ high) automatic shutter doors for construction traffic to pass to the site.

The lights are often on red, and I just ignore them, safe in the knowledge that they are overly cautious.  However the noise of the shuttered doors opening over the strains of the music were just a little too much for my frayed nervous system and I can only say that my body went into ‘Doom mode’.  Yes, for a split second, I was expecting the shutters to reveal a hellish plain full of revenants and boy did I want a BFG.

Given that I haven’t played Doom in years, I find this rather disturbing.

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