First bike along the Tyne

So I went out again this weekend after a couple of slack Sundays where the idea of a ride didn’t fill my body with joy, and I’m glad I did. I’ve found a great quiet route down to the Tyne (and into town if I wanted to cycle to work (one day maybe)). I stuck to the south side of the Tyne to see where I could get ‘locally’. Cycling west took me onto a cycle path that seemed to terminate in the Metrocentre (an objective I was not interested in reaching) so I turned back when the path left the river bank, cycled back down to the Baltic and along the route towards South Shields. This was marred by large sections of the route closed due to ‘land contamination’ but once I had got past these sections and the Tyne was now far below me I really started to enjoy the ride (especially meeting the Shire horses). I eventually had to turn back, mindful that I’m not really fit yet and that my tyres were soft and needing a bit of air. The route back was not too hard coming through Gateshead, and descending down Whitehall road was a lot more fun from trying to cycle up it…

Next week I really want to set off east with a bit more purpose and see how far I get, the following weeks I think I will cross the Tyne and go east one week and west the next. Talking with Phil today he suggested that the westward route runs all the way to the west coast. That’s definitely something I would love to do someday.. maybe next year?

Anyway another good ride has reminded me how much fun I’m getting out of this bike. Thanks to Keith today I acquired a rather fine pump (courtesy of Louis really!) and the amusement really didn’t end as I tried to work out how to use it sans instructions on tyre valves the likes of which I have never seen before… Took a while, and the complete deflation of my rear tyre before I worked out what I want meant to be doing. Rather looking forward to going out with hard tyres this weekend now. Note to self.. puncture repair kit, oil and maintenance kit would probably also come in handy at some point!

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