mmm Christmas goodies

Well I’m sat around now on the bed surrounded by my Christmas presents.  For my cycling life I now have a cycling computer (yes!) and a set of tools (sorely needed) and now all I need is some clothes to go with it.  I finally have the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD which I’m really looking forward to watching again.  Most of the presents fell into the book category – 2 new Murakami’s (Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World & South of the Border, West of the Sun), Thomas Fink’s “The Man’s Book” which is a chappish, blokey look (with a side of geek) at facts for the modern gentleman.  The Ultimate History of Video Games looks like it’s going to provide plenty of nostalgia.  Some more non-fiction comes in the form of “The Edible Container Garden” by  Michael Guerra, which hopefully will give me the impetus to clear my kitchen windowsill of pointless plants and turn it into a herb garden and empty out my ‘experimental pond bucket’ which generally doesn’t serve much more purpose than a breeding ground for mosquitoes and grow some salad stuff in it.  Work has not been neglected, I’ve been leafing through “Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays’ today which seems to be a step up from the basic guides I bought 3 years ago.  The DS too has been shown some love in the form of Metroid Prime Hunters, a game I have coveted since buying my DS – and to be honest that has taken up most of the days fiddling time.  I have a Moleskin notebook (yay!) to um replace my PDA ;) and a new whizzy electric toothbrush too.  So 2008 then – cleaner teeth, better stylus/hand coordination and a garden full of edible shrubberies.  Can’t wait!

Christmas lunch was just great, but I’ve been functionally unable to eat anything since the last spoonful of pudding crossed my lips!  Beer on the other hand is going down just fine ;)

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