Bioinformatics position at Human and Molecular Genetics Center (HMGC) Medical College of Wisconsin

Posting this for an old colleague of mine from my PhD days.  I can’t believe I have colleagues that date back to 1995…

Enquiries about the position to:

Liz Worthy, Senior Staff Scientist at the HGMC (

A Postdoctoral position is now open within the Human and Molecular Genetics Center (HMGC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin ( HMGC scientists work at the interface of genomics, bioinformatics, and clinical research using genomic approaches to understand disease, and translating this information from the laboratory bench to patients in our affiliated hospitals. The centers close affiliation with clinicians and researchers at nationally and internationally acclaimed medical centers and universities provides our researchers with a unique opportunity to impact patient care. Diseases under study are varied and include: end stage renal disease, hypertension, insulindependent diabetes mellitus, acute liver failure, neurocognitive disabilities, cancer, cystic fibrosis, metabolic syndrome, hereditary cataracts, myocardial infarction and various cardiac malformations. A variety of core resources exist within the HMGC including: Bioinformatics, High-throughput sequencing, Genotyping, Microarray, Proteomics, Gene Therapy, and Transgenics. The HMGC consists of 28.


The postdoctoral fellow is expected to make a significant impact in existing genomic data analysis methodology at the HMGC. She/He will work as part of a team developing methods for analyzing data from next-generation sequencing, including integration with genome-wide association studies, gene expression data, biological networks, and pathway data. She/He will then apply these methods to the ongoing study of a variety of complex genetic disorders within the HMGC and will have the opportunity to participate in projects integrating genomic datasets with clinical data, and will be able to develop new research projects at the interface between genomics and medicine.


Appropriate education and/or experience may be substituted on equivalent basis

The ideal candidate will will be enthusiastic, highly motivated, able to work in a team environment, and have strong communication skills. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Genetics, or a related field; a degree in Computer Science with strong biology background is also acceptable. The ideal applicant will have Linux operating system experience and proven skills in computer programming; experience in bioinformatics techniques such as sequence assembly and comparative genomics, as well as experience in navigating and mining genomic data repositories such as NCBI and Ensembl etc. is also desired. Experience in next generation sequencing data analysis or statistical analysis of high throughput genomics data is a plus.


  • Perform complex analysis of genomic datasets with minimal supervision.
  • Assist in the development and/or refinement of data analysis and integration methodology and pipelines.
  • Record results of research studies; compile and analyze data; and prepare charts and graphs for presentation.
  • Analyze, interpret, and present the results of these analyses, including manuscript preparation and publication.
  • Review literature for related research developments and techniques and compile findings.
  • Perform related responsibilities as required.

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