About me

Mid 40’s, resident of Scotland. Originally from Weymouth, and have arrived here via via Plymouth, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Newcastle/Gateshead and Norwich. If you’ve come here looking for a blog, well when you’ve not posted anything in a few years, it’s probably time to admit you’re not going to pick it up again. I might try some longer format articles in the future.

In my spare time I am normally found contemplating the countryside, stroking  cats, getting to grips with machine learning or gaming.  I’m currently on a bit of a keeping fit binge, running around 20km a week, doing cardio workouts, swimming and playing badminton.

I write at least one novel a year in an attempt to learn how to write.  These are generally written during National Novel Writing Month.  One day I will go back and re-draft my work and attempt to get it published.  I read a lot of sci-fi and I’m always on the lookout for great films to watch having exhausted pretty much every ‘top 100’ list published on the topic.

Social media presence is primarily Twitter but be warned, it is pretty much exclusively about work.  If you’re interested in what I do then you can also connect on LinkedIn.  You might find me on Facebook if you’re friends with someone who knows me.  I can be found on Skype with the user ID “drdanielswan”.