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Fashion advice from the Guardian OBO? Surely not.

A classic exchange on the Guardian’s OBO site;

43rd over: Pakistan 158-3 (Mohammad Yousuf 70, Hasan Raza 10)
“I am 31 and the whole shopping experience is now genuinely terrifying,” shudders Nick Stockley. “Everything ‘cool’ looks ridiculous. But we 30-somethings can’t just wear fleeces for the rest of our lives. If there is any fashion gurus reading this, please assist!” [Over-by-over reporter whistles in the wind]

46th over: Pakistan 166-3 (Mohammad Yousuf 77, Hasan Raza 11)
“Re: Nick Stockley (43rd over), don’t worry – I’m 25 and think that any body who wears ‘fashion wear’ looks ridiculous.” writes Matthew Fry “Much better to have some real class (although get rid of the fleece) and get yourself some good V-neck jumpers and shirts from TM Lewin and Thomas Pink, complimented with some nice jeans or chinos and a pair of ice-white trainers or brown brogues – finished with a good black raincoat or winter coat (knee length) in the winter. If you have the money, complete with Paul Smith scarf. Finito. Timeless real class.” Ice-white trainers?! This isn’t Miami Vice, Matthew.

Yes.. I don’t go much on ice white trainers either. a) They dont stay white for long b) they are almost entirely the preserve of the slightly better dressed chav about town.

However it did make me check out TM Lewin and Thomas Pink. Both traders of the famous Jermyn Street in London. I’m rather taken with these pyjamas and cashmere V-necks from Thomas Pink but also these merino crew-necks, covert coat, chesterfield coat, and the moleskin jeans from T.M.Lewin. Really do need to find a couple of grand for clothes. Lets just not mention the Paul Smith scarves..