Late 40’s, resident of Aberdeenshire. Originally from Weymouth, and have arrived here via Plymouth, Manchester, London (several times), Edinburgh, Oxford (twice), Newcastle/Gateshead and Norwich.

In my spare time I am normally found contemplating the countryside, listening to vinyl, learning to DJ (drum and bass and jungle), stroking  cats (one tabby, one black and white), brewing beer, gaming, or hooning around in my battered but adored old black Golf GTI called Arthur.  Keeping fit is a constant in my life, mainly running, Les Mills BodyCombat and BodyPump.

I try to write at least one novel a year in an attempt to have a regular creative outlet.  These are generally written during National Novel Writing Month.  One day I will go back and re-draft my work and attempt to get it published. I read a lot of sci-fi, and have been tempted back into fantasy by the Malazan Book of the Fallen series (look it up, and thank me later) and I’m always on the lookout for great films to watch.

Social media presence is primarily Twitter but be warned, it is pretty much exclusively about work, if I’m even tweeting at all. I was once told by a former boss that he was simply ‘too busy’ for Twitter. Over a decade later, I suddenly get where he was coming from.  If you’re interested in what I do then you can also connect on LinkedIn.  I don’t use Facebook, so stop trying to stalk me there. I can be found on Skype with the user ID “drdanielswan”. I am also drdanielswan on Instagram, which you probably can’t see because I don’t think the whole world is generally that interested in my cat pictures.