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Darwin Day – Direct links to the “In Our Time” Darwin podcasts

I’m terrible for keeping up with my podcasts, and only just got around to part one of the four part “In Our Time” Darwin podcasts from Radio 4 yesterday.  Consequently when I went around to get parts two, three and four – iTunes had no knowledge of them any more. I tried to find links from the IOT RSS feeds – but all the links to the audio had been removed.

This morning, poking around on the ‘Listen Again’ part of the site, I found the embedded Flash players that would allow me to listen to the podcasts in my browser.

I wanted them to listen to on the way to work however!

A bit of digging around through the HTML and subsequent XML playlists, I managed to find downloadable, transferable mp3 content.  Linked here for your listening pleasure:

Programme 1

Melvyn tells the story of Darwin’s early life in Shropshire and discusses the significance of the three years he spent at Cambridge, where his interests shifted from religion to natural science.

Programme 2

Darwin’s expedition aboard the Beagle in December 1831 and how his work during the voyage influenced and provided evidence for his theories.

Programme 3

How Darwin was eventually persuaded to publish On the Origin of Species in November 1859 and the book’s impact on fellow scientists and the general public.

Programme 4

Melvyn visits Darwin’s home at Down House in Kent. Despite ill health and the demands of his family, Darwin continued researching and publishing until his death in April 1882.

Happy timeshifting Darwin Day!