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Two posts available at Oxford Gene Technology

So we have two positions currently open at OGT – one in the Computational Biology group and one as a Product Manager for Next Generation Sequencing.  The post reports to the Directory of Strategic Marketing at OGT and is aimed at an experienced product manager, preferably with experience in the NGS space.  You can read about that position by following the link.

The position within the Computational Biology group is not a full-time NGS position (and therefore you may be pleased to know, would not report directly to me!).  The previous post holder was responsible for a great deal of the array analysis that is required to develop microarray products (a core part of OGT’s business) but was called upon to support NGS work when required.  Candidates with a good statistical grounding are being sought, and experience with microarray data analysis is advantageous.  The full post description can be found by following the link.

CV’s for both posts to be directed to hr@ogt.com

PLoS Computational Biology : ‘Getting started in’

I notice that PLoS Computational Biology is publishing a series of ‘Getting Started in‘ articles for bioinformatics/computational biology.

“The aim of each article in the “Getting Started in…” series is to introduce the essentials: define the area and what it is about, highlight the debates and issues of relevance, and provide directions to the most relevant books, articles, or Web sites to find out more. The series will not include review articles or detailed tutorials; these are available in the Education section of the Journal. Rather, each “Getting Started in…” article will aim to be a cache of “go to” information for someone for whom the field is completely new.”

The first one is a neat little excursion into tiling array analysis for platforms such as Nimblegen et al., it is relatively brief, but supported by excellent references which people new to the field will find extremely useful.