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Marketing madness

I’m continually amazed that biotech companies still send me stuff, generally badly addressed and wildly inappropriate given that I work at a computer, not the lab bench.   Normally these are summarily dispatched to either the bin, or the recycling bin depending on the amount of plastic in them.

What do I do with Invitrogens latest mailing though?  It is, I kid you not, a pine cone, in a plastic bag.  The pine cone has a little tag on it with a URL that redirects to a page saying that for each purchase I make, they will donate some money to the Woodland Trust.

Quite why I needed a postcard, plastic bag, pine cone, elastic band and printed card to tell me this rather than for instance AN EMAIL, I don’t know.  It just doesn’t seem very green, even if the plastic is photodegradable and the inner card ‘recyclable’ rather than ‘recycled’.

I am quite tempted to plant the pine cone though…

RIP tvlinks

RIP tv-links.co.uk.. Another site gone, doing nothing that could be construed to be illegal – just a thorn in the side of the ‘recording industry’.

I suspect that the only time that this will really hit home is when the general population decides that TV’s are to be ditched for monitors – and the TV licence fee collapses as no-one has the hardware to ‘receive’ television pictures any longer… Wave goodbye to the BBC, and stop phoning ITV’s fixed competition lines, so we can all sit back and torrent American imports with impunity.